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Unfortunately, it’s one of those things, where if you aren’t in the industry and not really familiar with wedding planning, that booking a wedding planner with a variety of different services available, can somewhat seem very daunting.

  • What service do you need?
  • When do you need it?
  • What happens if you wait too late or book too early?
  • What does a wedding planner actually do?
  • How much do they cost and why do they cost what they do?
  • Should I hire a wedding planner and how can they actually help me?

Over the course of 5 blog posts. I’ll be answering these questions for you, giving you the tools, you need, in order for you to make the right decision for you as a couple.


1. What does a wedding planner do and what services do they offer?

2. Why should you hire a wedding planner and how can they help you?

3. How much does a wedding planner cost and why does it cost that much?

4. When should you hire a wedding planner and when can you hire one?

5. What to look for when hiring a wedding planner and what questions should you ask?



In this blog, I’ve answered – What to look for when hiring a wedding planner and what questions should you ask?


So, you know that you need help and guidance planning your wedding, whether that be from the start of your wedding planning journey, halfway through or just on the day, but how do you find the perfect wedding planner for you, what should you look for and what questions should you be asking? I’ve answered all of this for you!

Helping you to find your perfect teammate, your wedding planner best friend and your very own personal wedding assistant, firefighter and fairy godmother!


Research –

When looking for your perfect wedding planner, start researching! Check wedding blogs, check social media, check the website, check directories! Wedding planners don’t usually advertise in magazines and don’t usually advertise at trade shows or showcases, so the best bet is to use the wonder of the internet. See which planners you feel a connection to (as much as you can without meeting them), which ones you feel an attraction to and start sending enquiries.


Credibility –

Checking their credibility is crucial. The UKAWP is the UK Alliance of Wedding Planners and wedding planners and suppliers have to apply to become a member where there is a strict application process. Hiring a wedding planner that is part of an association that only has wedding planners that have the highest standards of excellence and who cannot just pay to be listed, is a sure way to know that you are booking a wedding planner that has already been vetted for you!


Services + Pricing –

When sending out your enquiries, it’s always best to let your prospective wedding planner, know what you are looking for. Some planners add full details of what they offer on their website, some add basic pricing and others do neither. Remember to compare what is included in these packages as you will find that most planners will have services that are the same in name but not in price and not in what is included. One of the reasons why one planner could be more expensive is purely because they are offering more than the other. Once you have everything back, start narrowing it down. Choose a few of your favourites and arrange to meet them in person.


Meet up in person –

This is such an important step! Meeting in person (or over Skype), will give you a chance to see if you connect before you confirm anything. It is also a really good chance to delve deeper into what exactly you want and where you really need help, as well as an opportunity for you all to get to know each other. It is really important that you do, as you are trusting this person to assist you and guide you with planning such a special day in your life. Meeting face to face will help you make that decision! Remember they will not only be planning the most important day/s of your life, but they will be with you through that entire journey, so you need to make sure that they are the right one for you!

Make sure that you are fully prepared for your meeting and that you, of course, ask the right questions. Write out everything that is important to you both and everything you want for your wedding, what your non-negotiables are, what your budget is and what you need help with! Wedding planners will use this meeting to create a bespoke proposal, so make sure that you have everything ready! Write down everything you need to know and what you want to know too so that you don’t forget anything. If they are the right planner for you, you’ll probably just end up chatting away and you wouldn’t want to forget anything.


When looking for your perfect wedding planner, start researching! Check wedding blogs, check social media, check the website, check directories!

What questions should you be asking?

I have created you a trusty list of questions that you will most definitely want to ask your prospective wedding planner and to help you find that perfect wedding planner for you. Your questions will obviously vary depending on what service you are looking for and where you are at in your planning stages. You will need to ask some of these questions before you meet in person to ensure that you aren’t wasting your time or their time.



1. Do you have availability on our wedding date?

2. Do you think we have chosen the correct date? Do you foresee any problems?

3. How can I get a hold of you? What are your response times on emails?

4. Do you understand our vision?

5. Have you worked at our chosen venue before? And if you haven’t how would you go about ensuring that you know where everything is and who everyone is?

6. What do you love most about being a wedding planner?

7. What type of weddings are you organised before?

8. How long have you been planning weddings for?

9. How many other weddings are your currently organising? And how many do you normally take in a year?

10. What made you become a wedding planner?

11. Are you certified?

12. Are you a member of any wedding associations?

13. What type of wedding planner are you? Logistical or design-led?

14. Can you provide references? Do you have a portfolio you can show us?

15. What was the most challenging wedding you organised and how did you handle it?

16. How do you ensure that you are completely prepared on the day for anything that could arise?



17. What services do you offer?

18. What is included in the package price?

19. How many hours on the day of the wedding, does it include?

20. Could we have more hours if needed?

21. Are there any additional costs that we need to be aware of?

22. Is there a limited number of consultations?

23. Do you attend all the supplier and venue meetings?

24. Is there a limited amount of emails and phone calls included?

25. How many suppliers do you source within the service you are offering?

26. Do we have to book suppliers that you have recommended?

27. How do you source the wedding venue?

28. Can you create a bespoke proposal and customise a package?

29. Do you offer styling assistance?

30. Will you be on site on our wedding day or will it be someone else?

31. If for some reason you are unable to there on the day who will take your place? Would we meet them before? What would their background be?

32. Will it just be you on the day or a team of you? If so, how many of you will there be?

33. Is there anything that we would have to be responsible for, during the planning?

34. Will you stay on site to make sure everything is broken down and packed away?

35. Will you be there in the morning to make sure everything is broken down and packaged away?

36. Will you create a planning timeline for us for when we should expect to do things and when things need to be done by?

37. Will you help us create the table plan?

38. Will you send the invitations and be the sole recipient for the RSVP’s? Will you chase guests if they do not respond?

39. Will you organise guest’s accommodation?

40. Will you organise our accommodation?

41. Will you organise transfers for our guests?

42. What time will you be there from on the day and when will you leave?

43. Do you include the dress rehearsal in your package? If not, can you? Is there an extra cost?

44. Do you include organising a post wedding brunch? If not, can you? Is there an extra cost?

45. Do you include honeymoon planning? If not, can you? Is there an extra cost?

46. Do you help with the bridal party styling? If not, can you? Is there an extra cost?

47. Do you help with the bride and groom styling? If not, can you? Is there an extra cost?

48. If any issues arise with any of the suppliers, is this something you would deal with?



49. What happens following our meeting?

50. How long can we expect the proposal following this meeting?

51. When you send the proposal will you list everything that is included?

52. How long is the proposal valid for?

53. If we then book, how long can we expect the contract?

54. When would you need the contract by?

55. How do you charge for your services?

56. What are your payment procedures? How can we pay you and when do we have to pay you?

57. What are the deposit details?

58. Can we make amendments to the package after we have signed the contract and paid the deposit? If so, do we have to sign another contract?

59. How do we pay suppliers and the venue? Will the invoices come to us, or will everything be billed via yourself?

60. Do you accept commission from venues and wedding suppliers or pass on these discounts to us?

61. Once you have created the budget, will we have access to this?

62. What is your cancellation policy?

63. What’s the first thing we do once everything is all confirmed, and we have paid the deposit and signed the contract?

Remember the most important thing when hiring a wedding planner is how you feel and how they make you feel!

If your personalities and beliefs are aligned; if you trust them; if they totally get you and they understand your dream and vision and make you feel comfortable and completely at ease, you’re certainly onto a winner!

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