HOW TO PLAN YOUR WEDDING | P5 – The countdown!

May 3, 2019 | Planning Timeline (12 months)

So you only have 1 month left to go? That must be scary but super exciting at the same time!

Savour this, because you know it it’s all going to be over. You still have a few things to do to finalise everything and then you are on the home straight.

Here’s my guide to help you in your last few remaining weeks of planning before your special day.

Good luck – you’ve got this!


1 month to go…


1. Deadlines

All your suppliers will advise their own deadlines of when they need everything from you, but most will be 2 weeks to 4 weeks prior to the date of your wedding – so make sure you have everything ready to handover.

Impending deadlines are definitely a cause for stress, so make sure you are organised and get everything across when needed.


2. Create and finalise table plan

Some people find the prospect of creating their table plan daunting, but don’t let it! Now that you have all your RSVPs back, you pretty much have your final numbers. So, all you need are the table layouts of the venue and what numbers work best with the space you have, then start allocating.

I’ll be creating a blog on how to create a table plan soon as well as if you should seat your guests with people that they know or mix it up – so do come back for that, if you need help with this!


3. Finalise stationery

Now that you’ve got your final numbers and names of guests and have finalised your timings for the day, you can start finalising the rest of your wedding stationery. Your stationer will always send you proofs of what it will look like before getting it printed, so make sure that you are 100% happy with them and check spelling etc before signing it off.

Remember that colours may vary slightly from screen to print, so always bear this in mind when confirming the colours and the materials they are to be printed on.


4. Buy favours

Yay – now that you have your final numbers, you can buy those wedding favours you’ve been swooning over. Always make sure that you get a few more, just in case you break anything or need any to help decorate your cake table, wedding book table or any other table display you’ve decided to have.


5. Speeches

For those that are speaking at your wedding, now is the time they should start constructing your speech. People tend to leave this (especially the Groom) to the last minute.

To avoid that last-minute stress before the big day, start thinking about what you want to say earlier on. You can keep adding and reconstructing it but as soon as you’ve started, you will feel more at ease and organised in the lead up to the big day.

If you are anything like me, speaking in front of people is already nervewracking so ensuring that you can practice and rest prior to the big day, rather than rushing to finish your speech will help you feel more prepared and less anxious.


2 weeks to go…


6. Call suppliers and reconfirm everything

It’s really important that you reconfirm everything with your suppliers – especially where they need to be and when. Advise on final numbers, timings and what you’ve already confirmed with them.

I always suggest giving them a call and then following up with an email, so that everything is in writing.


7. Confirm all the final details with everyone else

Now that you’ve pretty much planned and organised everything you can, you need to let everyone know what those plans are!

Your bridal party need to know what their duties are, the groomsmen, the mc, and of course anyone that is taking part in your special day.

It’s always best to give them enough time, so that they are prepared for what they have to do on your big day and when they need to do it.


8. Finalise vows

You’ve pretty much written your vows, so now is the time to perfect them and finalise them. Read them through and read them out loud.

Ask yourself, do they flow, are you finding any words difficult to say, are any words making you trip up. If so, make sure you reword it so that it is easy for your say and so it flows for you.

It is going to be an emotional day already, so make it easy for yourself!


9. Confirm numbers with the venue and your caterer

Venues & caterers normally require final numbers at least 10 working days prior to arrival, so let your venue & caterer know what your final numbers are. Make sure you check your contract as well, as any changes after confirming your numbers may incur a cancellation charge.


10. Last dress fitting

Yay – last dress fitting before the big day!

Don’t forget to ask your maid of honour to come along with you, so that they can get a feel for the dress you are wearing on the day.

Most probably, they are the ones going to have to get you into the dress on the day and help you when you need to make a bathroom break. It will be beneficial for them to know how to fasten your dress, especially if you’ve got complicated fastening.

Also remember to ask how to get out any last-minute wrinkles, how to store it between now and the big day and what products can and shouldn’t be used on it.

Ask yourself when you are practicing your speech, does it flow, are you finding any words difficult to say, are there any words making you trip up? If so, make sure you reword it so that it is easy for your say and so it flows for you.

It’s going to be an emotional day already, so make it easy for yourself!


1 week to go…


Now comes the fun part!

You’ve organised everything; everyone had RSVP’d, everything is written, the T’s have been crossed and the I’s have been dotted, all you really have to do is pack, relax and PAMPER!

I love this week!

Get your nails done, get your hair dyed, and make sure you relax relax relax!

The whole planning process is intense and long, and you deserve to be relaxed before your big day!

The big day itself will most probably start early and you’ll be on your feet all day.

There may still have a few things to remember to do though, so write a list of those remaining tasks you need to do and start ticking them off!


11. Wedding items

If you’ve arranged certain things yourself like name cards, that need to be put out by someone at the venue or your wedding planner, make sure that everything is where it needs to be, as soon as you can! The venue normally only allows this a day before or a couple of days prior.


12. Arrange and collect your engagement ring cleaning

You probably want your engagement ring to look as new and sparkly as when they first proposed. Make sure that you get it cleaned and picked up in time for your wedding day.

You may even decide to keep your engagement ring the cleanest not to wear it before the day. If you decide to do this – just don’t forget to bring it with you!


13. Confirm

Make sure that everyone has what they need – venue, suppliers, wedding planner, guests, bridal party.


14. Pack

Make a list and pack everything you need earlier on in the week and leave anything that you are still using (like your toothbrush) until the end.


15. Collection

Organise who is arranging the collection of your gifts and anything you want to keep – candles, table numbers etc that you have arranged yourself.

The last thing you want is to be running around when everyone has left collecting things.

Delegate this to one of your bridesmaids to do!


16. Final check

Make sure that you have done everything and have everything you need! You still have a week, so anything that you have forgotten about can be sorted!


16. Practice wearing your shoes

Trust me this is necessary! You don’t want any surprises on the day.


17. Picking up suits

If you’ve hired the groomsmen suits – nominate one of the bridal team to collect these and drop them back off.


18. Haircuts and colour

For the guys, it’s get your haircut and for the ladies, it’s get it coloured (natural only please!). Do not change anything – go for the usual. You should not be experimenting a few days before your wedding day!


19. Honeymoon

If you’re having your honeymoon straight after, make sure you also have everything you need for this too!

Write a list and get shopping!

Make sure you’ve got your passport and travel docs you need kept in a safe place. But not so safe you can’t find it!


20. Practice

If you’ve written your own vows and are speaking, then practising and making any final edits will help calm those nerves before the big day.


21. Pamper

Get yourself to that spa, get that much needed massage, get those teeth cleaned, legs waxed, and your nails manicured, and toes pedicured.


22. Gifts & cards

If you’ve decided to give gifts, then make sure that you have everything need. Make sure that they are all wrapped up and don’t forget to write those cards.


23. Emergency wedding kit

Pack that emergency kit! Us wedding planners automatically bring this on the day (and it really does have everything in it), but if you don’t have a wedding planner, then it’s essential that you bring one of your own.

Think of all the things you would need in an emergency! Plasters, tape, glue, scissors, needle and thread, lighter, hair pins, tissues…


24. Final payments

If you’ve got to make final payments to your suppliers make sure that everything is packed in envelopes with their names on.

The last thing you need is to be running around looking for cash on the night of your wedding when you should be enjoying yourself!


25. Documents

Make sure you have all the relevant marriage documents you need and your ID. Wouldn’t want to forget those now!


26. Sleep!

The night before is going to be an exciting one and one that you’ll most probably spend with the bridal team.

Celebrate, but get some sleep!

You’ll most probably be starting early, and you want to be as fresh and awake as you can!


Happy Wedding Day! Like I said before – you’ve got this xx

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