HOW TO PLAN YOUR WEDDING | P4 – 3 months to go

May 3, 2019 | Planning Timeline (12 months)

So you’ve only got 3 months left before the big day and everything is starting to get really real for you! How exciting and maybe a little bit scary for you as there is still a fair bit to do; so where do you start?

Here’s the next instalment to my 5-part series on “How to plan a wedding” – 3 months to go.

My mission is to take you on a journey to help you plan your wedding! There are a few versions out there, but here’s mine.

Enjoy and don’t forget to come back for the last part – The Countdown! x


3 months to go…


1. Finalise your timings and schedule for the day

It’s better to start on this sooner rather than later as you may find out that you may not be able to fit everything that you need to and may need to shuffle the timings around slightly before confirming them with everyone.

The only timings that are probably set in stone are when you get married (as you would’ve already booked an officiant for this) and probably the time you need to finish.

Speak to your photographer and videographer, they’ll be able to advise you on how long they need for each bit and speak to your hair and makeup artist and get an estimate on how long they think they will need.

You can also speak to your venue or caterer and get their estimated timings and start fitting everything in.


2. Finalise wedding website

Now that you have all of your details pretty much finalised, you’ll need to update that wedding website you’ve decided to have, and add in timings, transport details, any accommodation details etc. This is a super handy tool to have, especially if you’ve got the RSVPs directed to your website, as it makes chasing those RSVPs and collecting dietary requirements so much easier.

It also means that your guests won’t be constantly calling you up looking for information as everything will be available on your wedding website.


3. Send wedding invitations

Stuff, stamp and post! Yay – things are starting to get real.

Some people will advise you to set your rsvp date for a month before but trust me when I say that people do not RSVP by the time they need to and you’ll ultimately have to chase them.

Set the RSVP for 2 months before your wedding, to allow you enough time to chase them. Remember to check all the deadline dates for numbers that your suppliers have advised you so that you leave yourself enough time to chase those final numbers and to confirm them with all your suppliers.


4. Finalise menu with caterers

Most couples finalise their menu on the day of their tasting, but if you haven’t then don’t worry. Now is around about the time, that you can do this. Revert back to those notes that you made and confirm your selection.


5. Finalise wine and beverage choices

Confirming your beverage and wine selection should be one of the easiest things you do. Depending on what you are offering your guests will obviously depend on what you offer but keep it simple. Most venues and drinks suppliers will have a guideline you can follow if you are finding this a little challenging. I always say to keep this simple.


6. Research wedding favours

Wedding favours are traditionally a way for you to thank your guests for coming, so you can either add a bit of personalisation to it, keep it in theme with the wedding and with the same colour scheme or go in another direction and get creative, inventive and wacky. Have some fun with these!


7. Consider booking an on the day wedding coordinator

Some venues will already have an in-house coordinator, but there will be some things that they do not do (make sure you have checked that venue contract, before expecting them to do something) and they may not stay until the end; set-up your venue or even run the wedding for you.

No dry hire venue will have a coordinator, which means you’ll need to get a team of guests together to set the venue up for you.

Having someone running the whole day for you, being the point of contact for everyone, making sure everything is set-up and broken down and packed up correctly etc are just a few of the perks to hiring someone. It is one of the services that I recommend all wedding couples get, as it ensures that everything is the way you want it and runs the way it should without you having to worry about anything!

You have spent a lot of money and time getting this all together and you should be able to enjoy it without having to worry if the tea lights are lit or the lanterns have moved from the ceremony room to the reception room. It not only leaves you both to enjoy the day as you should but also your guests and your bridal party.


8. 1st dress fitting

Book in that first dress fitting! Most bridal shops will ask for you to attend your first one around the 3-month mark but check with them first and they’ll be able to advise you when works best. The 2nd one will be around the 6-week mark.

Please note that the floral displays you see on Pinterest are a lot more expensive than you may think and depending on where your supplier is based will change how much you can get for your money.

2 months to go…


9. Chase for RSVPs

Yes, unfortunately, you’ll have to do this, and it’ll be frustrating. There will always be a handful of guests that don’t respond when they need to.

I have no idea why this happens, but it will, so be prepared. Just send them a little text or phone call to prompt them and you should be able to finalise your numbers in no time.


10. Start working on those vows

If you’re writing your own vows, then give yourself enough time to do this. There’s nothing worse than leaving this to the last minute and getting stressed and worked up in the week leading up to your wedding because you haven’t done this yet.


11. Look into gifts

If you’re giving gifts to the bridal party and the family, then now would be a good time to start looking into what you want to get for them. Bridal gifts don’t have to be given formally during the speeches but can be more intimate and personal, so you can get more creative.


12. Book appointments

If you need to get your hair dyed, your nails & toenails done, you need to get a wax or want to book in a pamper session before the wedding then book those appointments now.

Do not leave it to the last minute, as you run the risk of not getting an appointment when you need it. Booking them earlier will leave you with that peace of mind we keep talking about, so that the lead up to your wedding, is smooth, relaxing and enjoyable.


13. Lingerie and accessories

Now that you’ve had your first dress fitting, and everything is coming together, now would be time to get those all-important accessories and your wedding lingerie.

Make sure that when trying on the lingerie that it will be suitable for your dress. It is very important that you pick the right underwear. Visible panty lines and bra straps just wouldn’t work.


6 weeks to go…


14. 2nd dress fitting

Only 6 weeks to go!! How exciting!!

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