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Unfortunately, it’s one of those things, where if you aren’t in the industry and not really familiar with wedding planning, that booking a wedding planner with a variety of different services available, can somewhat seem very daunting.

  • What service do you need?
  • When do you need it?
  • What happens if you wait too late or book too early?
  • What does a wedding planner actually do?
  • How much do they cost and why do they cost what they do?
  • Should I hire a wedding planner and how can they actually help me?

Over the course of 5 blog posts. I’ll be answering these questions for you, giving you the tools, you need, in order for you to make the right decision for you as a couple.


1. What does a wedding planner do and what services do they offer?

2. Why should you hire a wedding planner and how can they help you?

3. How much does a wedding planner cost and why does it cost that much?

4. When should you hire a wedding planner and when can you hire one?

5. What to look for when hiring a wedding planner and what questions should you ask?



In this blog, I’ve answered – How much does a wedding planner cost and why does it cost that much?


Planning your wedding for most people is an unknown concept and knowing what services cost and why they cost that much can seem confusing and bewildering. If you’re considering hiring a wedding planner, then it’ll definitely be beneficial to know how they charge and why they charge what they do.

By breaking down each service for you, I’ll delve into what wedding planners generally charge and why. The actual cost of hiring a wedding planner, will all depend on location, the service required and the wedding planner and their experience.


Full Planning –

Full planning is a service offered by wedding planners for couples at the start of their wedding planning journey. The services usually included are very comprehensive, ranging from sourcing the venue to the suppliers, from budget management to supplier management, negotiations to payments, contract reviewing and signing, timeline planning, etiquette information and general advise, stationery sending, RSVP management, table plan creation, full styling and design of the wedding and then ensuring that everything is set-up, that everyone is where they need to be and running it all for you on the day so that you can fully enjoy your wedding day.

Most planners include the “basics” of full-service planning, and others may offer more such as bride and groom styling, bridal party styling, pre and post events and post-wedding day jobs.

Because this is the most comprehensive service that is offered, wedding planners generally charge a percentage based on the wedding budget, which is normally between 10% to 15%, with a minimum fee. The reason for this is because of the higher the wedding budget, the more work there is.

When hiring a wedding planner for Full Planning, make sure that you check what is and isn’t included in that wedding budget, so that you know what that percentage is based on.

Most wedding planners offering full planning will be typically working between 200 – 350 hours on your wedding and will only take on a selected number of clients a year in order to be able to give you the attention and time that you deserve and are paying for.


Partial Planning –

Partial planning is one of the most difficult ones to advise on, as it really all depends on where you’re at in your planning stages, what you have already booked and when and where your wedding is! 

Most Partial Planning services will be a set from fee and will include a limited amount of consultations and supplier sourcing. Partial Planning may not include things that Full Planning includes like RSVP management, budget management or design and style, with the option of adding this on if required, which is why a percentage is not normally charged and is generally more than 50% less than the minimum fee for Full Planning.


On The Day Coordination –

On The Day Coordination or Wedding Day Management, is normally based on a set fee and will include 1 consultation a few weeks prior to the wedding date to handover the running of the day. This service includes managing deliveries, timelines, suppliers and the full running of the wedding on the day. This fee will normally only include the wedding day itself and for a certain number of hours. The average time that a Wedding Planner will include in this service is 9 hours. Any additional hours that the Wedding Planner is required to be on site for is normally charged at a set per hour fee, with the fee increasing after midnight. The time is calculated from the time they arrive on site and all Wedding Planners will want to be there before everyone (suppliers) arrives, to ensure that all deliveries are there and that everything is set-up correctly and to specification.

The average fee for this service is between £800 and £1500, with some Wedding Planners charging up to £2500. Wedding Planners charging more, will be including other services, like being on site the day before the wedding day to take in deliveries and to start setting up; no additional fee for further travel across the UK, staying the night of the wedding to ensure full breakdown and making sure everything gets packed up properly and sent back to the right places.

Make sure that when you’re comparing prices between different wedding planners that you compare what’s included as well. Most wedding planners will have similar services in name but will not always inlcude that same things.

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